When your school acquires either the Digital Primary School Resources Package or the Digital High School Resources Package your school will make a one off payment for the material for all of your students, parents and staff. There is no further payment and the school has access to the material for life!



After final delivery and acceptance, requests by your organisation for further changes to content and graphic design, are not included in this licence but can be implemented. Contact us for a quote.


Starting in 2023 and in keeping with world-wide trends, we may modify the conditions of the licence granted.

The FREE Parent Guide will remain FREE.

Modifications to the licence will only apply to licences purchased after changes are implemented.

Plans are not yet finalised but will be similar to the following:

Lifetime Licence will remain except that;

  • After 5 years, it is likely that we will charge small, one-off fees for;
    • replacement of lost files – original purchased version only.
    • Updates to content
  • From the beginning of 2025 we may move to an optional subscription model that would include:
    • Different subscription levels to cater for greater or lesser requirements.
    • Updates to graphics when requested.
    • Replacement of lost files – original purchased version plus generic content updates that have occurred since purchase.
    • Access to other products that may be in the development pipeline.


If your school has been using any of the digital products for at least a year, and you have suggestions, please use our contact form to let us know or email your suggestions to